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The Feather takes you on a melancholic journey on "Sister" [Video Exclusive]

Music with a sense of nostalgia often naturally connects us, conjuring pleasant nondescript memories, soundtracked by the artist themselves. Belgian indie-pop artist The Feather has this concept down to a fine art, all while spinning personal and modern narratives. A humble 7 years since his last project, Thomas Medard is back, following on from comeback single "Closer" from late last year.

"Sister" is a hazy yet entirely languid dream pop tune, set to please your ears. However, the lyrical and visual narrative isn't quite as positive, covering the disconnection that is the result of social media. Stating via email, "With Sister, I wanted to describe how I - and the others around me - relate to screens. How social media affect us all, how we are connected at all time while deeply disconnected from reality" he led on to also comment that "this song marks a turning point in my writing with the use of bass as the main instrument of composition, which is the case of other pieces of the album".

Compelling listening indeed, and along with his work as a member of indie-folk exponents Dan San, Medard is clearly overflowing with creativity. "Sister" is out now via [PIAS].

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