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"IF ITS REAL" listen to YG Cooly [Video]

YG Cooly, a rapper from Cleveland, Ohio, drops his new track "IF ITS REAL." If you're in the mood to just kick it and listen to a song about real love, then this song is for you.
The lyrics for "IF ITS REAL" reminisce about how love felt in the 1990s. In that era, there was a huge emphasis on a love that would hold the other down when things got tough. Method Man feat. Mary J. Blige's "All I Need" is a great example of this kind of love. Although the lyrics feel like this track is from a different era, the melody keeps this song relevant in today's hip-hop world. Due to the beats not being the boom-bap style, "IF ITS REAL" leans more towards a trap beat that includes some piano as well. 
YG Cooly raps about how real love has changed his entire perspective. Doing anything necessary to keep real love, he remains consistent, protective, and always keeps her by his side. There is nothing that he wouldn't do for real love and he makes it clear throughout the lyrics. This relationship seems like it is designed to never fail. After all, YG Cooly raps, "If it is real, it is never going to fade." In the music video, the audience can see their love paint his city: beautifully.
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