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The Red Pears' "Alicia" is a tender thank you for a mother’s sacrifices 

A heartfelt dedication to the women who raised them, The Red Pears EP Alicia is an impassioned ode to their moms. “We feel like naming the EP after our mom’s names was more of a thank you to them. A thank you for always supporting us, a thank you for never giving up on us, a thank you for raising us the way they did, and for helping us be the people we are today,” the band confides.

The opening track of the EP “One by One” highlights mellow guitars, glossy keyboards and smooth serenading vocals. “Dreams” features piercing guitars and pounding drums. The enchanting EP concludes with “Flowers” which showcases animated electric guitars and deep emotive choruses. An indie/alternative outfit from El Monte, CA, the band is comprised of Henry Vargas on guitar and vocals, Jose Corona on drums, and Patrick Juarez on bass. In 2014 Vargas and Corona got together having known each other since high school and from there The Red Pears was conceived. With similar upbringings, they always felt bonded by the way their mom’s raised them. Their mothers made tremendous sacrifices to provide a better life for them and Alicia is a way of showing gratitude.

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