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Albon exudes coastal vibes on "Big Sur Theme"

If you've driven through Big Sur, just off California's Central Coast, you know it's quite the vision: a winding, picturesque euphoria trip that's surely caused more than a few rubberneckers to crash their cars. Albon's latest single, "Big Sur Theme," is similarly intoxicating, an invitation to hop in the ol' Little Miss Sunshine VW bus and sit beachside as waves ripple and sandy winds whoosh through your hair.

Albon, an LA-based singer-songwriter, dips this ditty in all sorts of interesting sauces, powders, and extracts. Earthy drums, majestic strings and wind instruments, warm melodies with a splash of drunken pirate, oh, and some bars about orcas (who, honestly, need all the love they can get right now). Orcas, who showed Albon "how to belong," are the perfect spirit animal for a record that's all about swimming free—buck naked, no arm floaties—toward glorious uncertainty. Words are few on "Big Sur Theme," but each drawn-out syllable makes it all the more delicious. This refrain is particularly resonant:

"All your life's been hanging on / Now there's reason to move on"

As we dive into the Roaring '20s, I'm really excited for what Albon has on deck; that is, after he drops his upcoming Dream Weaver/Bee Keeper EP on January 31st. If the sublime vibes and nonlinear structure of "Big Sur Theme" are any indication, Albon is just getting his fins wet.

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Alternative · Folk · Indie


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