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Innanet James shows his love for the "Hunnids" [Video]

There are few things more satisfying than payday, but then again cats like Innanet James bring a whole new meaning to that feeling. "Hunnids" sees James in his comfort zone and more importantly his escape from all his troubles. Backed by a lush, atmospheric beat he shares his love for the greens and puts a comedic spin on currency as we know it in the video. 

The video follows James on a Friday night after receiving his check from his boss (Kraig Smith) he then proceeds to cash it at the local neighborhood check-cashing spot with Big Jah. From there he pays a visit to the local dispensary to buy weed, gifts his lady (Maddy Aiken) some dough and settles in with a stripper he sees on a local TV ad. After having a time of his life and ready to call it a day, he looks to power down with some natural herbs but comes to the realization that everything is gone and he is back to square one.

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