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Post-punk act Church Girls contemplate what “Could’ve Been” on razor-edged single

Philly-based indie/post-punk quartet Church Girls recently shared their raucous single “Could’ve Been.” Lead singer Mariel Beaumont’s vocal tenacity and emotive delivery calls to mind a fusion of Carrie Goodwin of Great Grandpa and Alicia Bognanno of Bully. The track is lifted from the sophomore LP The Haunt out on February 7th.

“Could’ve Been” begins with a guitar riff that hooks you right in channeling popular post-punk acts of today but also pulling from past reverberations of Interpol and Dinosaur Jr. It’s a dynamically composed endeavor offering up a melodic yet fervent resonance. There’s full of angst and pain here, but rightfully so. Beaumont’s displays her rage in a poetic way as the song develops into a thematic narrative about wasting life and becoming adrift in the fog of addiction. Beyond Beaumont’s sense of urgency and evocative singing, the band delivers a composition occupied with terse undertones, swelling guitars, and snappy drums.

“‘Could’ve Been’ is about watching someone you care about self-destruct through addiction,” said Beaumont. “Although it’s about someone else, it’s a relatable feeling. I often feel guilty about not expressing gratitude for everything I have or living to my full potential.”

In addition to Beaumont, Church Girls is comprised of Joseph Wright (guitars, vocals, piano), Vince Vullo (bass, vocals) and Julien Varnier (drums, vocals). They had released their EP Cycles earlier this year. The Haunt, out February 7th via Chatterbot Records, follows 2017’s debut LP Hidalgo.

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