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Buwa pays homage to his mother on "Dance With Me"

There is nothing more powerful than a mother's love and Buwa expresses this wholeheartedly on his new tribute single "Dance With Me"—a follow up to his ballad "Want Me." The Canada-based Nigerian singer-songwriter once again delivers the goods with this heartwarming afro-fusion of R&B. 

The uplifting track lends itself to Buwa's joyous vocal performance that blends English and Nigerian Pidgin English as he showers praises and sincere appreciation for all his mother had done for him. A sincere and soulful vocal performance is delivered over lush keys and tantalizing guitar riffs- courtesy of his fellow Nigerian co-producer SizzlePRO. 

"Dance With Me" is taken from Buwa's 6 track body of work titled OLU which was co-written and crafted with revered Nigeria-based producer SizzlePRO. Buwa adds that the title of the EP means "King" in his native Itsekiri language and it's about him finally able to be confident to express his true self through music. Get the single on Spotify.


1. The Show

2. Want Me

3. Circles

4. Dance With Me

5. Eminlo

6. Resist

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