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Drowzy is "On Ten" with new hip-hop single

Young Arlington, Texas-based rapper Drowzy has released his new track "On Ten." Frequently focusing on everyday life and his own experiences, Drowzy takes a different approach with this rap song. 

"On Ten" has its own Texas-rap twist. Listeners can turn up the volume and feel the power in the music, and they can tell that Drowzy undoubtedly had a good time recording and creating "On Ten." Taking a distinct perspective to trap music, "On Ten" is the kind of track that you put on when you just want to chill. However, even though it is trap music, Drowzy lets it be known that he has too much on his mind and that nothing will make him change. He emphasizes that not even the money that he believes will come can change him. He will move forward in the rap game while keeping his soul.
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