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Raid Zero's "Vision" is a huge step in the right direction

Raid Zero, one of San Francisco’s hottest up-and-coming producers has released a new EP, Vision, via the LA label Understated Recordings. The release pulls together a multitude of sounds and attitudes to present the listener with three completely different, yet intrinsically linked tracks for your listening pleasure.

Raid Zero describes enjoying “writing techno with attitude”; after listening to the EP, this is something we don’t need to be told twice. The title track “Vision” is extra-terrestrial. Overflowing with shimmering synths, and the repetition of the muffled vocals proclaiming “I have this vision”, it’s a peak-time club track that’s subtle, yet utterly danceable and intoxicating. “303 Electronic”, the second track on the EP, delivers a heavy-hitting dose of acid - it manages to be dark, yet euphoric and uplifting in the same moments. Combined with heavily distorted vocals and just the right sprinkling of percussion, and this one’s about as club-ready as they come. Both “Vision” and “303 Electronic” feel most at home under a myriad of lasers and flashing lights.

Whilst the first two tracks were Raid Zero’s solo work, the final track on the EP, “7 Petals”, is described as a “super organic collaboration” with Jovan. This track feels like the perfect way to wrap-up an EP. With a far lighter, more minimal, glistening vibe to the track, it’s the type of techno that can be enjoyed during relaxation rather than at the club. It’s impossible not to enjoy; you can almost feel yourself unwinding with the track. Bringing the EP back down to a more civilized ending, it also showcases Raid Zero’s ability as a producer, and depth of understanding of the genre; whilst all the tracks are vastly different, none of them feel out of place. Definitely one to watch out for.

Vision can be streamed via Soundcloud, or purchased here.

Connect with Raid Zero: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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