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Aisha Badru re-emerges as the "Soil's Daughter" in forthcoming EP

Folk singer-songwriter Aisha Badru has been capturing hearts and healing old wounds ever since her effervescent debut in 2015. When we were first introduced, she sang of heartache and the past that she was determined to leave behind. And when we last heard of her, she was embarking on a journey toward self-love and acceptance. Now, she has come out the other side- stronger, more peaceful, and determined to start on her future. Starting with the release of her forthcoming EP Transcendence, due out on February 7, and its first single "Soil's Daughter". 

Weaving a politically-inclined tale of our disappearing connection with the earth below us—and the people around us—Badru opens up a door, allowing us a glimpse into her wandering thoughts and resonant fears. "This is me reflecting on the world, and this huge disconnect between us as a people and us with the planet,” says Badru, who’s given herself over to a sustainable existence, which includes daily immersion in nature. 

A song marked entirely by Badru's whispering vocals and supporting harmonies, "Soil's Daughter" does well to convey its heartfelt message without letting it get lost amidst a dramatic composition. Every line carries its weight, emboldened by the haunting melody and poetic delivery. It's the same soft Badru that we've heard before, but instead of singing of her own ghosts, she now sings to set us free of ours. 

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