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Night Flight offers a new perspective with "David"

Night Flight’s new single “David” is a classic story of love lost, told in a new way. Their melodic sound has drawn comparisons to the likes of Fleet Foxes and Band of Horses, but frontman Samuel Holmes' songwriting carves out a new pocket for the band.

“David” is the third single released from the outfit’s upcoming EP White Noise, due out February 28, 2020 via CRC Records. Based in London, Night Flight is comprised of Holmes, Harry Phillips, Dan Webb and Ollie Halvorsen

“‘[The track is] a realization that what once was, will no longer be—that someone you’ve known for so long, will now only exist in memory,” says Holmes, describing it as “a mourning of love through second-hand news.”

Night Flight swings the pendulum between folk and rock. In the opening moments of “David”, the weight is heavier on folk. Holmes’ storytelling anchors on the realization that the one he’s lost is “doing just fine” without him. The track feeds into its rock sensibilities mid-track when a space opens for a clear electric guitar that further amplifies this feeling.

This track puts into words the realization that someone you loved is now a stranger. What was once an incomparable closeness is slowly turning into pleasantries and small talk.

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