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Amelie Lens puts her own spin on latest 'fabric presents' mix

Techno phenomenon Amelie Lens has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the past few years, ascending the throne with a fully-realized liberation. Her sets are lively, exalted with emotion and consistently teeming with boundless creativity; her productions are infused with an undeniable sense of raw energy that's both beautifully chaotic and minimal in its complexity. It's little wonder then, that one of the world's best known and loved clubs, London's fabric, has tapped Lens to contribute to its new mix series, fabric presents. After making her fabric debut in January 2018 and going on to host her own Exhale parties at the club (including taking over Room One for an All Night Long set in March), Lens is now written into the iconic club and record label's history—a testament to her curatorial nous.

"fabric has a special place in my heart," Lens shares. "It is one of the few places I play all-nighters and it was the first international stop for my Exhale nights. To be a part of the legendary fabric mix series is a really big honour for me." The fourth mix in the new series, Lens constructs a slithering 74 minute compilation of unreleased music from some of her favourite acts—a combination of artists appearing on Lenske and up-and-comers from around the world. It's a mix of a more nuanced affair, brimming with bangers as well as peaks, toughs and valleys to tease and thrill listeners whilst showcasing the full spectrum of techno.

The Antwerp, Belgium native masterfully builds the set, opening with atmospheric snippets from the likes of SLV & Z.I.P.P.O, Pär Grindvik and Michael Klein. The next few tracks are given more space to breathe and unfurl as the mix dives deeper into the dark, with Beirut's Nur Jaber providing an early standout, "Rave With Me", before Lens' own "Solitude Tool". Haunting echoes are expertly deployed to introduce the hi-energy synths of Anetha's "Nikita" and Irregular Synth's "Mutation".  Lenske heavy hitters Milo Spykers, AIROD and Farrago provide pummeling contributions "Look Ahead", "Liquor" and "Ensnare", respectively, before Regal pairs up with Alignment for the psychedelic techno trip "Astro". Finally, Hadone's "Courtship Unleashed" is woven in, bringing the mix to a spectral, deeply satisfying close. Truly, a mix that will elevate 74 minutes of your life with its rapturous transitions and provocative basslines.

Stream the mix here.

Connect with Amelie Lens: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Connect with fabric: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram



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