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PatrickReza's "November" is an anthem for hopeless lovers

Indie trap producer PatrickReza just released a downtempo masterpiece, "November," following up the success of his October EP Strung Out. Out now via CloudKid, "November " is an anthem born for, in his own words, "the hopeless lovers looking for their special someone."

An exquisite alternative trap endeavor, "November" starts off with blissful piano melodies as Reza's sultry vocals rest upon somber guitar riffs. An ode for the romantic, "November" was written to capture the first meeting between Reza and his girlfriend. "It was a cold rainy day that quickly changed and filled with warmth when I met her. I wrote November for the hopeless lovers looking for their special someone and that moment when they find them. The human to human connection is the strongest bond in our world and I wanted to focus on the sensory feelings in that experience," Reza shares. The swelling bass infused with a devil-may-care is unleashed at the drops, rendering a smoldering soundscape—a sense of self-assuredness radiates from the first note to the last.

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