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Joe Connor Little considers "Always" being in love in new single

English singer Joe Connor Little may only have a handful of tracks to his name thus far, but each is heavy with soothing, solemn guitar plucking and soulful lyrics. His latest release “Always” is a prime example of his style and depth; a depiction of excitement in the first weeks of love told through a quiet melody.

Released with “Always” are B-sides “Moving Away” and “Closing Time,” which all are similar due to their acoustic guitar instrumentals. “Always," however, stands apart, pulling you in by a fast down strumming that opens the first verse and continues throughout. Within the lyrics, Little shows a vulnerability and honesty which adds an element of strength to the softer track. There is a foreshadowing in the repetition of certain lyrics; a hint that love might not always last. I'm hoping this latest release is only the beginning of what we will hear from Little in the near future. 

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