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Stray Fossa keeps things cool in new single "It's Nothing"

Bordering on surf-rock is the latest breezy single by Charlottesville, VA, collective Stray Fossa. Listeners looking to detach from the mainstream for a while will find in "It's Nothing" a whole lot of everything for the task: electric guitar riffs that linger, basslines that droop thickly, and snappy snare patterns that excite all aid in the drifting process. The band does well in holding the track's tempo at a pleasantly slow pace only to culminate with an atmospheric instrumental that bubbles with confidence. If the mission of "It's Nothing" is to deliver an antidote for high cortisol levels, if only temporarily, it does that well.

Where does the band fit in the music landscape of today? As it stands, somewhere between the bubbliness of New Pornographers and the sensuality/smoothness of Cigarettes After Sex: cool with a coquette smirk. While the band tends to lean on a chillwave persona, their lo-fi, garage instrumentation broadens their appeal. "It's Nothing" showcases this with its simplicity and relaxed approach that ensnares the listener slowly, tighter and tighter into its sonic web with each play of the track.

Stray Fossa released their latest EP, titled Laridae, this last September for listeners looking to immerse even more so in the band's sound. The group has notable gigs in Brooklyn, NY, and Richmond, VA, upcoming this holiday season, with a promising 2020 on the horizon should it shape up like this year. You can stream this post's track of genesis below to get a real deep feel for the indie-pop band.

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