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"Karma (Remix)" from Enisa, Scridge, and Ghenda will have you moving to the rhythm

On November 15th, Enisa, a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter dropped her new track, "Karma (Remix)" ⁠— an ode to her New York style and Albanian roots. "Karma (Remix)" also features Scridge, a musical artist from Rennes, France, and Ghenda, another musical artist that further assists in weaving together the English and French lyricism. Even if the listener doesn't understand a few of the lyrics, the beat will undoubtedly get you up and dancing. 
Enisa begins her new song "Karma (Remix)" by singing, 'Heard it once. Heard it twice. You've been around. Can't believe what I've seen, what I've found. Lies, Lies, you fed me lies. Cry, cry, oceans I've cried...Let me down. What goes around, comes back around. Some never loved you like I did.' The introspective lyricism adds a level of emotional depth to the track but who would have guessed that these words could feel electrifying instead of heartbreaking. This is, of course, thanks to the intoxicating dance rhythm and catchy chorus. Some might even find themselves singing along as Scridge poetically croons through the melody; even if the listener might not even speak French.
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