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4B enlists Chris Brown for Jersey Club-inspired pop single "Did You"

4B has arrived on Ultra Music with an unlikely collaboration in the form of "Did You," an electronic and pop hybrid featuring Chris Brown.

Yes, you read that right. While this track may seem like it's coming out of left field, it's not. Chris Brown is no stranger to featuring on dance music, as evidenced by his work on Afrojack's "As Your Friend" as well as Deorro's classic "Five More Hours." His collaborating with 4B is a surprise though, and a pleasant one at that.

As one of the seminal artists responsible for the popularity of Jersey Club music, 4B does a fantastic job of blending the genre with modern pop sensibilities in "Did You." He stays true to it by employing his signature syncopated kickdrum patterns in the chorus, but instead of programming them underneath frenetic bass elements, he intertwines them with beautifully pitched vocal chops and tinkly chord plucks. It's a departure in terms of production, but it should open up a new lane of admirers for 4B while still appeasing his diehard fans, who are more accustomed to festival-ready bass music. You can get familiar with 4B and his body of work via the links below.

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