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Alessandro Ciminata makes an indie pop-soaked social statement in new single "Wasted On Each Other"

Fresh off his debut headline show at The Waiting Room in London, and with a full heart and eager mind, Alessandro Ciminata releases his newest single, "Wasted On Each Other". 

Draped with sparkling synths and a booming bass, "Wasted on Each Other" carries a potent message.“This is a great time to live in, we can find anything we want in no time," Ciminata pleads to a generation consumed by its own oblivion. "This shouldn’t be an excuse though, we should take control of our power and always seek for more, have our voice. We are a generation that’s worth listening [to].”

While the lyrical message is clear, it is polished up and carefully attended to with the sanguine production. Rolling through a wave of melodic sounds and patient vocals, it breaks right before the chorus, gently washing over Ciminata's baritone pleas. Yet, there is a fierceness to it. An unrelenting resolve found in the mid-tempo beat that tells us this isn't just another song with a social commentary at the helm. It's a passion, a privilege to echo swirling thoughts in a meaningful manner. A reason for Ciminata to keep performing, as long as there is someone listening. 

You can catch him at his next headline show at The Grace in London on March 26th, 2020

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