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Milky Chance get their groove back with release of third album 'Mind the Moon'

Five years since their explosive debut, German electro-folk duo Milky Chance release their third full-length album, Mind the Moon

Reminiscent of the sound we were first so entranced by, Mind the Moon is a deeper​ exploration of Philipp Dausch​ and ​Clemens Rehbein's unique instrumental arrangements and effervescent vocals. The first few tracks seem to pick up right where Sadnecessary left off, dressing up simple folk melodies of domineering percussions and a storytelling guitar with a spicy electronic production. Tracks like "Fado" and "The Game" revel in the space found between the mid and high tempo beats, belting out instantly infectious and anthemic choruses.

There is also growth in this album. On "Right From Here", the duo experiments with more retro-infused synths, whereas on "Eden's House", they drop all electronic elements altogether. Standing alone in the 12-track lineup, "Eden's House" digs deeper than its upbeat brethren. With only a lilting bass line and vocal harmonies from the South African choir Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the simplification of sound rings louder than anything else on the album. 

The gospel addition isn't the only notable collaboration on the album. The vocals of Belgian Témé Tan and the Australian-Maltese Tash Sultana also make an appearance on key tracks, bringing out the different colours of each respective track, without losing sight of the palette Milky Chance paints with. 

Bright and lively, Mind the Moon is a hard-earned welcome back into the spotlight, and most importantly, into our playlists. Tickets for Milky Chance's 2020 Australian and European tour are available here

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