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Floorplan continues house legacy with third album 'Supernatural'

Floorplan has released their third album, Supernatural. The 11-track  release is the duo's first long form appearance on Aus Music, the London label from Simple Records founder Will Saul and Ninja Tune's Fink.

Supernatural sees Robert and Lyric Hood's father-daughter project stand firmer in their devotion to putting minimal techno and Chicago house on a pedestal. An album meant to be listened to from front to back, Supernatural feels like a history lesson and a motivator to get to the club at the same time. It's an album that with a solid listen drums up a need to be surrounded by house music. With signature gospel influences, house, minimal and techno have reared their heads in a universal sound.

Robert Hood's legacy in techno isn't understated, and his Floorplan project continues to evolve following the addition of Lyric Hood in 2016. Earlier this year Lyric released her solo debut, Nineteen / 11:11. Now, this album's release follows the singles "Fiyaaaa!" and "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" featuring Carol Otis, and their 2016 album, Victorious

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