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TRISHES criticizes the effects of filter culture in “Saraswati” [Video]

Urban pop artist TRISHES is known for crafting music that is highly philosophical and profound. Her latest single “Saraswati” is a prime example of that, with thought-provoking lyricism and an ethereal yet commanding vocal tone. The track features electro soundscapes and booming baselines. The song’s goal is to express the perils of altered perceptions of self, the result of today's fast-edit reality.

The visuals showcase dancer and choreographer Kalbe Isaacson filming herself through a front facing camera, twisting and turning her body until she creates the image she wants to portray. Shortly after, TRISHES appears, filming Isaacson through another lens. Both Isaacson and Trishes intermittently wear white masks throughout. Later, mirrors reveal director and videographer Tamara Arroba filming both of them pulling each other in a synchronized tug of war. The video displays the many perspectives we use to create false impressions of reality. Drawing viewers in with its powerful and relatable message, we all at times have constructed masks to hide who we truly are.

TRISHES, aka Trish Hosein, has created a distinctive sonic style, fusing electro-pop with a hip-hop flair. Her truth-seeking music dives into deep concepts such as Freud's constructs of self (the primal, conscious and spiritual). Watch this captivating and interpretive music video out now.

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