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Dyllan grasps at ways to save what’s been torn in “My Fears”

Indie artist Dyllan draws us into her world of full vulnerability and intense heartache with the release of “My Fears”. Showcasing gentle guitars riffs and raw emotive vocals, the track is a narration of the apprehensive contemplation of a breakup. She mournfully sings, “I’m seeing what I was so clearly. It’s like I never left. That long drive through the Hollywood Hills on Sunset and I would use all my gas money, to get to him.” Desperate and anxiety-ridden, she’d do whatever it took to salvage the relationship. We all can relate to that secret fear that things may not work out. There’s a self-loathing we sometimes cast into existence, creating the very thing we’re afraid of most and the song is a perfect representation of that concept.

The Los Angeles-based singer is known for her masterful lyrical storytelling and lush delicate tone. Reminiscent of James Blake, her stunning impassioned vocals and electro-pop production captivates listeners and pulls them inside her deeply profound mind. Become entranced by “My Fears” now.

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