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Wu-Lu takes Bryony Jarman-Pinto's "Sweet Sweet" into another dimension on new remix

With her debut album Cage and Aviary from earlier this year, Bryony Jarman-Pinto proved to be an impressive vocal talent with a unique writing style, making her an artist to watch in the world of jazz-leaning creative music. Now we can hear the otherworldly possibilities of her sound thanks to producer and fellow Londoner Wu-Lu, who remixed the track “Sweet Sweet” on Tru Thoughts with fascinatingly mind-bending results.

Wu-Lu’s remix is a major departure from the original version of “Sweet Sweet” from Cage and Aviary, which had a quick, fluttering groove in 5/4 time with flowing vocals and warm, intricate horn parts. The remix gives the track a whole new life, with a thumping electronic groove and Jarman-Pinto’s chopped up vocal lines tastefully strewn in the arrangement amid dense harmonies and futuristic electronics. Even with the added spacey elements that make the remix almost unrecognizable from the original, Wu-Lu retains the poignancy and heart of the album version, which was written for Jarman-Pinto’s nephew. The track is a testament to the skills of both artists and a glimpse into what is possible when the bounds of musical expectations are left behind.

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