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Mura Masa announces new album "R.Y.C" with "No Hope Generation"

Mura Masa has announced the forthcoming release of his sophomore album, R.Y.C, short for Raw Youth Collage, in tandem with a new single and extensive world tour starting this fall. The Grammy-winning producer, songwriter and vocalist followed his lauded collaboration with Clairo with "No Hope Generation," a siren song for, as advertised, the woes of a young generation currently coming of age. 

As his career began, Mura Masa caught the attention of those in the electronic music scene through gutteral, but often upbeat and danceable, left of center future beats. Now, tracks like "No Hope Generation" sees the Guernsey, UK-born artist expand to full wingspan. His latest efforts address the undirected fervor of the punk and grime generations, with lyrics from a first person point of view that address things like addiction quite literally for the social media generation. Whether it's too on the nose, or subtle enough to truly voice the feelings of a swatch of a generation, the energy of "No Hope Generation" is what is so right.

R.Y.C is due out for release January 17, 2020 on Geffen Records. Mura Masa is heading out on tour beginning in Paris at the end of October, subsequently making his way through Europe and North America. You can get more information on dates and tickets on his website.

1. R.Y.C
2. No Hope Generation
3. I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again (with Clairo)
4. a meeting at an oak tree (with Ned Green)
5. Deal Wiv It (with Slowthai)
6. vicarious living anthem
7. In My Mind
8. Today (with Tirzah)
9. Live Like We’re Dancing (with Georgia)
10.Teenage Headache Dreams (with Ellie Rowsell)
11. (nocturne for strings and a conversation)

Connect with Mura Masa: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud



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