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Soda Blonde transition into themselves with new single "Terrible Hands"

Last time we put Soda Blonde on your radar, we warned you they were just warming up. Their latest release "Terrible Hands," out on all streaming platforms today, has proven our hunch correct. 

Singer-songwriter Faye O'Rourke sets into an easy ebb and flow, building punchy instrumentation around a melancholy lyric. "Terrible Hands" is Eurythmics-meets-sad, sexy and funky. Driving percussion and a vaguely eighties vocal throw the song into the realm of blissfully well-done Pop. 

Soda Blonde is one of the more recent additions to Dublin's booming music scene, though the band have been playing together for over a decade. "Terrible Hands" was written over a transitional period for them, as they said goodbye to their previous outfit Little Green Cars and hello to this new venture. "It touches on failed relationships, personal shortcomings and self discovery," singer-songwriter O'Rourke explains. One thing is abundantly clear: with a self-produced EP due for release on the 8th of November, Soda Blonde will only continue to climb. 

Buy tickets for their upcoming UK/Ireland tour here

Connect with Soda Blonde: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

80's · Alt-Pop · Indie · Pop


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