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Artist Spotlight: Red Bull celebrates Bay Area DJ community

Hundreds of people came together in Oakland, California this past weekend to celebrate the region's rich and vibrant DJ culture and further solidify the Bay as a hotspot when it comes to musical talent. Hosted by Red Bull, the event took place at The Overlook, encapsulating a Sunday evening rooftop filled with dank food, chill vibes, and, of course, great music. What specifically caught our attention is that Red Bull emphasized diversity when it came to their curated lineup - including multiple performances ranging from up and coming DJs to award-winning emcees. Take a look at a few up-and-coming Bay Area DJ's featured at this year's event.

Miles Medina 

Probably the most hype set of the showcase was Miles Medina. His mix was a melting pot of early 2000s hip-hop records, new school female rap songs, house music anthems, and a splash of Afrobeat. The Bay Area native embarked on his DJing journey before his teenage years and is now witnessing the fruits of his labor on the daily. As the Goldie Awards DJ Battle Champion, Medina brings the heat on the turntables performing at multiple clubs and music festivals like Las Vegas' Life is Beautiful. However, his journey to the top would not be complete without considering several pitfalls he's experienced along the way. "I pretty much fail every day. It sucks at the time, but, I always see it as the biggest lesson." he shares. "You can't be scared to try new things. To keep it safe at all times isn't exciting."

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Red Corvette

Red Corvette is a silent assassin when it comes to her craft. She is an up-and-coming entity in the music scene and puts 1000% into every gig she secures. Kicking off the indoor stage, Red set the tone for the event with a sling of feel-good vibe music that commanded the hearts of the party. In addition to her musical creativity, she also has a passion for philanthropic work. "I want everybody to win," shares Corvette. "I think there's a lot of opportunities for all people and I just want to be there to support as much as I can." Further, she is the sounding force behind Women Sound Off - an Oakland-based platform that empowers, educates, and connects women from all walks of life focusing on their career experiences. Ultimately, Red Corvette showed us this weekend the importance of supporting your own community and motivating others so that we all succeed.

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Many know her as 'The Bay's First Lady' and that title is much deserved. NOODLES has been killing the turntables for over a decade now, garnering her the position as Kehlani's official tour DJ. Joined by her parents on stage, she gave us a performance that ignited all sorts of emotions. From creating a sense of nostalgia by starting her set with UGK's "International Players Anthem" to smoothly transitioning to new age rap with songs like "Suge" by DaBaby, NOODLES knows how to appeal to the masses. Despite the success she has gained over the years, NOODLES continues to grind every day and is very transparent about her passion for her craft. "I eat [and] breath everything music. Every day I'm on my laptop downloading new music" she shares. "It's really a sport and you can't just stop. I'm still practicing as I go. Study the culture and you'll get the respect"

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J Espinosa

As the 2019 Red Bull 3Style World Champion winner, J Espinosa has become a local celebrity in the DJ scene. Espinosa prides himself in only playing "that good shit" - ranging from old school rap to reggaeton. During his set, the award-winning DJ also blessed us with a surprise guest, bringing out the bay area icon Mistah Fab to perform. It's important to mention that Espinosa teamed up with Red Bull to do this showcase to really shine a light on the next generation of rising DJs. When asked about what advice he would give aspiring DJs just starting their career, he emphasizes the importance of social media. "When I started, there wasn't no internet, not like there is now." he shares. "Utilize the internet, [marketing is] equally as important [as your craft]. There's a skill in marketing yourself. You gotta promote yourself."

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Check out more photos from Red Bull Presents: The Bay. Photo credits: Salihah Saadiq

This year Red Bull has been spearheading dozens of creative events with a heartwarming purpose in the music industry. Bringing together some of the most notable figures in the DJ scene, this showcase has motivated many DJ's to never lose sight of their passion for music. Moving forward, we hope to continue to see established DJs use their platform to inspire rising artists while still paying homage to the pioneers that helped pave the way. 

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