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Charlene Amour unapologetically embraces her many layers on "Russian Doll"

Toronto R&B songbird Charlene Amour has got an anthem for women who are unafraid to be their true selves. On "Russian Doll", Charlene embraces all of the carefully-knit elements of who she is and encourages other women to confidently step into the depths of who they are without conformation. Charlene's sticky vocals glide over minimalistic keys and strings as she encourages listeners to tap into the energies of what makes them feel true to themselves. 

Gently, but unapologetically, Charlene pens an open letter to other women based on her own life experiences of redefining the definition of beauty. "Russian Doll" describes the type of woman who has many layers and chooses precisely who she wants to open those layers up to. An important message for those who struggle with society's unrealistic expectations, "Russian Doll" emphasizes the need for beauty beyond what's surface-level and cultivates feelings of self-empowerment.

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