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MAE.SUN teams with Kate K-S for stunning single "Ascension"

Human consciousness is in a perpetual state of flux and few styles of music have matched that continuous evolution in the past century more than jazz. In recent years, artists like Hailey Niswanger have been at the forefront of the music's latest incarnations as it morphs into uncharted territory. Her latest single "Ascension" with her band MAE.SUN proves that the recently transplanted Los Angeles resident deserves a place among the latest wave of pioneers in the music.

The music of MAE.SUN has grown along with breakthroughs in Niswanger's personal life and the group's forthcoming album Vol. 2: Into The Flow reflects lessons learned in the search for inner peace. "Ascension" is the second release from the project, following "Bond" from earlier this year, and features Kate K-S. It was important to Niswanger to deliver the album's two guest tracks early (the first features Amber Navran) to further highlight the band's flexible style. "It's been a fun venture to collaborate with other artists… I adore Kate K-S, and could hear her soulful tone fitting perfectly with the vibe." The Brooklyn vocalist certainly makes for a seamless pairing as her blissful delivery glides through the gently thumping verses as she sings about following one's true heart.

Themes of growth and evolution permeate "Ascension," both lyrically and musically, with Niswanger's goal being "to detach from what doesn't serve me, and the circumstances that I have no control over, and soar above them." The song's arrangement follows suit, with Kate K-S' soulful verses being followed by a tasteful guitar solo from Andrew Renfroe, which leads to Niswanger's powerful soprano sax solo that brings the track to the full bloom. "Ascension" serves as a gorgeous, multi-layered representation of our natural state of enduring transformation toward true wellness. These two singles are just a taste of MAE.SUN's full depiction of these themes on Vol. 2: Into The Flow, which figures to be an unforgettable release.

Vol. 2: Into The Flow is set for release on November 1. Find a link to pre-order the album as well as download links for "Ascension" and "Bond" here.

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