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Get lost in "The Woods" of Diamond Thug's breathtaking new indie track

There is a subtle, almost unquantifiable quality about South African group Diamond Thug that elevates their indie sound from alluring to merely breathtaking. To see what I mean, take a listen to their latest single, "The Woods." 

Few songs can make you feel alive yet secluded in a dark euphoria (think TV on the Radio's "DLZ"), and "The Woods" is most certainly one of them. The track pulses with inscrutable energy, always feeling like it's right on the verge of bursting into a climactic roar. Chantel Van T's doleful vocals emit a subtle electric charge that courses through you from the very first guitar pluck. Slow but deliberate, the track's composition matched with its lyrical exploration tell a brooding story of two lovers lost in a dense forest of emotional isolation. The separation and unrequited longing are echoed in every languid drum beat, the hum of the bass, and finally, in the desperation of the psychedelic synths. It's a song that won't leave you as soon as it's done, and when it does, you'll be surely reaching for that play button once again. 

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Alternative · Indie · Synth


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