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Rodney P stays unapologetic on "Recognise Me (I'm An African)"

After sharing his unfiltered thoughts on the previously released single "The Next Chapter", UK hip-hop veteran Rodney P revs the engines with the identity-defining "Recognise Me (I'm An African)".  The cinematic track is brimming with historical facts and the need to define oneself in this fast-paced age where information overload overrides tangible knowledge. Rodney P doesn't shy away from his West-Indian heritage as a second-generation immigrant and connects deeper as he searches through themes of identity and the ideology of pan-Africanism using Ghanaian politician and revolutionary Kwame Nkrumah as a prime example.

"Recognise Me (I'm An African)" is the follow up to "The Next Chapter" and truly shows the next step in Rodney P's evolution and growth as an elder statement in UK hip-hop. He also solidifies his soul-searching efforts as these final statements "I consider myself an African, I'm feeling more African as I'm getting older. It affects me and my mindset".

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