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Fontzerelli and Kaish go full retro on "YUSH!"

Fontzerelli takes it back to the early 90's with his new jack swing infused single titled "YUSH!". The energetic cut comes equipped with heavy drums, the signature brass stabs and a classic Public Enemy vocal sample to complete the job. Fontz embodies the 90's to the fullest with his smooth flows and playalistic demeanor that captures the golden era with a British vibe. In order to spice up the broth, he recruits the help of grime veteran Kaish (of So-Solid Crew fame) who raises the ante on the chorus.

The video proceeds as expected to bring to life the elements of the unsung genre from the sound to the aesthetics. Fontz starts off by vocally shouting out new jack swing pioneer Teddy Riley and BBD for bringing the genre to the forefront before diving into the subject at hand. The styles range from classic jump suits, bowling hats and VHS-styled grainy visual effects which really makes it engaging. For those of us who do remember MTV in the 90s will surely appreciate the effort put into this brilliant video.

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