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Open up your "October Eyes" to Alt Bloom's newest visuals [Video]

As the leaves change colour, adopting deeper hues of that October orange, we say a forlorn goodbye to summer and welcome in a new season. With it comes the promise of comfort-first nights in, and perhaps even a warm soul to share them with. At least that is the thought that singer-songwriter Alt Bloom (Ethan Thompson) had in mind when releasing the soulful single "October Eyes". Now that we are finally in the swing of that wonderful colour-changing season, he releases the official visuals to the track- equally sweet, and ever so nostalgic. 

Plain and simple, Thompson reveals "October Eyes" to be "[a] sort of a fantasy about a girl I'd met who had greenish-brown eyes, and they reminded me of leaves in the fall." To capture this sweet sentiment, the music video alternates through scenes of Thompson giddily singing about this girl, and playback reels of them two together. As the track playfully winds through confessions of love and those singular moments ("Singing songs to my chest | As we dance the crowd away"), the video follows. 

What impresses the most with this track, though, is Thompson's free-spirited songwriting. Uninhibited and unashamed, he simply strikes up a conversation with us, harmonizing along to a gentle melody. "For so many years I'd been really focused on writing exactly the right lyrics, and 'October Eyes' was one of the first times I was able to let go of that. Instead of approaching every line like 'Is the right thing to say?', I decided to just write what I feel, and tell my story in a way that felt true to me." 

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