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Basti Grub gives us a glimpse into eclecticism in 'La Notte / Psalm'

A pre-ordained audial encounter of tribal swings and haunting croons offers a glimpse into the underbelly of house music, experimented on and further crafted by Basti Grub. In his latest EP La Notte / Psalm, the producer straddles a mixing pot of musical influences and stylistic outbursts, for a record that brings to surface his mental orchestra of confident innovation. 

Stirring in assured ambiance, the EP opens with "La Notte"—a deep rolling burner that illuminates its sophisticated use of subtle vocal samples. Flipped onto a different sonic plane, Basti creates a rhythm that ushers one into its infectious beat— hypnotic in its progression.

Following, "Psalm" is a classically defined sample of house; quirky percussion, intricate FX work, and careful arrangement create an otherworldly robotic jungle vibe, one in which the transitions are subtly but carefully written to keep your feet moving. James Teej adds a new flavour to "Psalm" in its first remix, lighting a fire under its originally relaxed pace with a direct goal in mind. On the other hand, HearThug & Silent Revolts takes thing into more stripped back and heavy territory, giving "Psalm" an eclectic beat-down where the bass drum is king.

Whether its different instruments, modular systems or synths Frankfurt-born Basti Grub loves the unpredictable. From a very early age, it became clear that Basti's fascination with music would take centre stage in his life. The roots: reggae music, a Roland MC 303, turntables and life-changing trips to Omen and Robert Jonson which would lay the foundation of his club-orientated sound.


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Dance · Eclectic · Experimental · House


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