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Terez pops in pink in new visuals to her debut single "La. La. La." [Video]

When venturing out as a pop artist, there is a strong pull toward creating songs meant for one purpose only, with that purpose being making people dance. Canadian singer-songwriter Terez, however, finds herself being pulled toward the Country side of her, the side that wishes to tell a story. Her debut single "La. La. La", though adorned with all the modern pop components, exhibits Terez' potent skills in not only performing a perfect pop song, but in writing one as well. The highly anticipated visuals to "La. La. La." -premiering here today- embody Terez' love for the colour pink, objects as symbols, and vulnerable spaces. 

After every break-up, there are the inevitable rituals. In this video, Terez loops through those rituals (wine, tissues, old photographs) in a minimal pink haven. As the rituals are repeated, Terez hopes that the viewers' imagination walks them through their own experiences, finding similarities but also a path to healing. “'La. La. La.' was written from a place in me that is hard to express sometimes but is necessary when you’re hurting the most," she shares. "I was going through a tough breakup (who are we kidding, all breakups suck), and finding a way to get this song out of me helped me get through and see the beauty in being human, and experiencing all there is to experience, both pain and love”.  

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