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KNOE gives us 'Reasons' why we should listen to his EP

Soul-searching Australian rapper KNOE has released a new EP titled Reasons, designed to capture the themes of love, anxiety, crime and the polarising thoughts of an independent artist in a world pressured by consumerism and money.

Every track reveals a little piece of KNOE, and works as a stand-alone single. "Juice" is a particular favourite, with captivating flawless flows coupled with melodic vocals from Paloma who features on a few other tracks off the EP. KNOE has a way with words, his story-telling on "Kinetic" is so genuine and true, it packs a punch but in a good way.  It's hard to not loose yourself into his lyrics. 

In a fortifying infusion of modern production and classic hip hop, the EP features eerie nostalgic beats over a biblical cadence that encapsulates the heart and soul of hip hop.  Reasons offers a rich tapestry of sounds and subtle poetic flexes delivered by KNOE’s clever word-play that melt like butter over the obscurity of unique samples.  

After working with Grammy Award-winning producer !llmind, KNOE has been building his unique sound whilst increasingly becoming a notable artist in Australia’s music scene. His catalogue of features include tracks with Skyzoo and Torae, and has also supported the likes of Action Bronson, David Dallas, Remi, and Spit Syndicate.

Although Reasons stands on it’s own as a body of work, the young rapper has said that it’s been a “creative tool for something bigger, the calm before the storm”.

Follow KNOE: Spotify | YouTube | Bandcamp

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