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R&B singer SATICA gets philosophical on new single "Ode to LBC" [Video]

Cambodian singer-songwriter SATICA is here to shape your Tuesday morning. She's bringing us to the coast on her latest release, which comes as an ode to her beachside upbringing. The appropriately titled single "Ode To LBC" is exactly that -- a song dedicated to Long Beach. SATICA's soft and honest approach to lyricism and production match the soft color palettes of the LA skyline and a deep look into her hometown and roots. From the Cambodian owned donut shop she often frequented and Long Beach Poly High where she attended school to the beach and Khmer Arts Academy, a Cambodian classical dance studio, SATICA takes us down memory lane. 
Of her music video, SATICA shares, "''Ode to LBC' highlights the beauty and culture of home through my eyes. Every single location has significance to my life and my upbringing. The video begins in my neighborhood that my family still resides in. I grew up in a tiny apartment complex with other Cambodian families/POC's in which we've all developed a tight-knit community. It was important to show that and although we did not have as many resources or material things as more affluent families, the strength in coming together and finding those resources within makes us beautiful and resilient. Although I do highlight my culture often, I want it to be clear that my goal is to have people from all different socioeconomic background, races, religions, genders, sexual orientation to feel like they have an equal opportunity to achieve their dreams.” Get to know "Satica" on "Ode to LBC" and watch it here. 
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