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Joe Goddard puts a new spin on Robyn's "Honey"

Joe Goddard is the latest artist to put his spin on the music from Robyn's latest album. The Hot Chip frontman joins Kim Ann Foxman in remixing the title track of Honey, released in fall 2018. A notoriously emotive track - a signature Robyn trait - "Honey" combines songwriting that vaguely relates to both relationships and a euphoric trip.

Goddard has a range in his electronic production style, and he's gone a specific route on "Honey" that pairs perfectly with Robyn's original intent for the track. He amplifies those concepts and feelings through scintillating progressive synths that really tell a story in their ebbs and flows.

Do yourself a favor, listen to the full remix here. Unlike most electronic remixes, the intro and outro to this extended track don't feel like they're just there to help a DJ mix, but to create a mood for the listener too.

Dance · Deep House · Progressive


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