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Gutter Sparrow unearths the "Clear Light of Morning" in new single [Video]

Gutter Sparrow is the moniker for New Jersey-born songwriter John Mosloskie. Now based abroad in Rome, Italy, Mosloskie returns to the States with a new single titled "Clear Light of Morning" - a vast landscapes of tender folk sounds and earthy undertones.

Breathless and cinematic, the accompanying music video for "Clear Light of Morning" opens with black in white images of flowers and sheep frolicking about in a pasture. While the scene is distinctly pastoral, the lack of color adds an element of separation reminiscent of the ethereal music. The viewer can almost feel that this is a memory or vision. What Gutter Sparrow captures is the longing for simplicity and a country he used to call home. 

The video also embodies the essence of rural America. A barn full of hay, farm animals, open fields and wooded forests the feeling is one of serene comfort with the way things are. How often does one take a minute to enjoy the clear light of morning or the clear light of day? With rustic acoustic guitars and pensive piano lines, Gutter Sparrow encourages the viewer to take a pause and enjoy the quiet moments. Creating an enlightened atmosphere is what this artist does best.

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Acoustic · Chillout · Folk · Indie


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