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The No. 44 share their acidic mediation on “All My Friends” [Video]

Losing your mind always seems better with friends nearby who happen to silence the doubts that come with paranoia. And there’s not a better way to distort reality than through the surge of psychedelic rock, executed by The No. 44. The Pomona locals share their acidic mediation on the visual for “All My Friends” and allude to a colorful disconnection from themselves, ultimately subscribing to a false security.

Constructed around a simple idea, written and directed by guitarist Evan Lomnitzer, “All My Friends” plays with depersonalization and embodies each lingering entity through a slew of human droplets peering over your shoulder. As each member’s detached part becomes materialized as their “friends,” the culture’s hallucinates kick in full gear. The bucket of disheveled sonic weight, aided by projections by Stranger Liquids, results in a clean presentation of chaos, thanks to tight cutaways and eye manipulation.

Translating to a generous five minute spectacle, the track’s disillusionment grows in stature besides Dan Gee’s heavy vocals. Dustin Fernandez, Lomnitzer, and Evan Achen follow suit and move in sync to the ominous hook.The track sees several switch-ups and frantic distortions, cutting teeth on the explosive second half. Fuller this time around than previous tracks yet still simply designed, “All My Friends” replicates the last few brain cells we all have when attempting to focus, similar to the author of this piece.

The No. 44 is set to release their upcoming full-length, Reflexive // Repeater, fall 2019. The psych-rock band will also be playing tonight, August 30, in Santa Ana at La Santa, at 9 p.m. alongside Bodegas, as well as a KXLU presentation, October 19 in support of Taleen Kali’s Halloween single.

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