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Scottish electronic collective Eyeangle Records raises mental health awareness with new mixtape 'Choose Life Vol. 1' [Exclusive]

In 2017, around three-quarters of all suicides in Great Britain were male, making it, the biggest killer of young men in the UK. With alarming numbers that remain largely unchanged, Scottish record label Eyeangle Records have decided to organize a series of raves around Scotland to raise awareness of male suicide. These Choose Life parties come after a friend of Kealin Lennon, one of the resident DJs, took his own life. 

In conjunction with these events, a forthcoming Choose Life Vol. 1 mixtape release, EARMILK is honored to share a track featuring Liam Doc off the album ahead of its release, "The Real Missing Link"-- an electronic number that connects dance music to its heavier subject matter.

Showcasing the brassier elements of dance, "The Real Missing Link" is a composite of slithering percussion and assured stabs, aggregating into a climax heavy with emotion yet open to interpretation. Twinges of rhythmic synths and subtle cosmic flits enlightens, pulling on glistening arrangements for a number that truly speaks to our hearts. 

"Talking is one of the most important steps a sufferer can take," shares Liam Doc, Director of Eyeangle Records. "I'd like to think that if anyone is suffering, even if we don't know each other that well, I'd be approachable enough for someone to feel they can talk to me about it. All it takes is someone to have the courage to say, 'I need help'." delivering an otherworldly experience that builds effortlessly in percussive dispositions.

Many UK men are now being given the opportunities to overcome their reluctance to talk about their problems and seek help for mental illness. Labels like Eyeangle are stepping up in raising awareness, normalizing open conversations around mental health, as well as raising money for the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH); all profits from the Choose Life events will be given to charity.

The Choose Life raves have already been held in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee, with one more set to take place in Edinburgh in December. Eyeangle Records aims to continue raising awareness by organizing more raves next year across Scotland and by expanding into England.

Choose Life thanks the following promoters for have helped the cause thus far:
Local Time
All Night Passion 
All Good 
Attention // Please 
Edinburgh Disco Lovers 

Pre-order the Choose Life digital album here.


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Connect with Eyeangle Records: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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