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Beck Pete leans into complexity on "Whiskey #4" [Premiere]

Life is full of dualities, between life and death, good and evil, men and women, and countless more. While these age-old dichotomies have stood the test of time, life experience often shows us that the realities of these dynamics are much more complex. Artist Beck Pete draws much of her writing inspiration from those grey areas. The Los Angeles singer-songwriter’s latest single “Whiskey #4,” which is premiering today at EARMILK, grapples with the issues of a toxic relationship that still manages to persevere.

In describing “Whiskey #4,” Beck Pete writes, “Whiskey is about tension. Whiskey is about the game… Everything is more exciting when it is off limits.” Keeping with the theme of dualism, the song itself is divided into two distinct sections. It begins with stripped-down instrumentation of guitar, voice, and some subtle electronics. Midway through the track, though, she drops a weighty beat anchored by a thundering synth bassline and pulsing drums. At the conclusion of the captivating second act of the song, she encapsulates the entangled narrative with the words, “Every time, just one more time.” The emotive words cap off an enthralling track from Beck Pete as she shows us that vulnerability and strength can only exist in tandem.

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