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Ay Wing joins Chuuwee and Shuko for heartfelt "Orange Dreamer"

Anyone craving some laid back, upbeat music that is perfectly suited for late summer nights should look no further than Ay Wing’s latest single “Orange Dreamer.” The Swiss singer-songwriter brought in rapper Chuuwee and producer Shuko for an engrossingly dreamy track that details the journey back to one’s true self. With a thumping beat and glittery harmonic pads, “Orange Dreamer” delivers enjoyable music with an essential message.

The color orange has many connotations for different people and the artists leave it fairly open for interpretation on the track. Both Chuuwee and Ay Wing, however, make references to sunlight and heat. Chuuwee mentions a “calm beach, blue sands and flat waves” while Ay Wing writes of heat on her skin, both of which allude to redemptive powers that are at the heart of the song’s theme. Ay Wing described the process for creating the song, stating, “It was written whilst recovering from a rough patch, hence, the song serves both as a diagnosis and remedy for the turbulent times endured.” Most of us could use that type of positivity now and then, and “Orange Dreamer” certainly does not disappoint.

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