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Grandma shows off the slick new "Downtown Life" [Video]

Atlanta multi-instrumentalist Grandma is quickly making a name for himself as a bedroom pop gem. "Downtown Life" is the latest track from the up-and-comer that melds '80s synth-pop with lo-fi pop stylings. Check out the DIY music video billed as "HERE IS A SHITTY VIDEO FOR GRANDMA BY MIGGY" seemingly shot on VHS. It's a treat.

The cool thing about Grandma is that he is truly a bedroom pop artist who writes, records, arranges, and mixes his music from start to finish. Despite this super hands-on approach, that doesn't mean Grandma isn't open to working with other collaborators. This makes him an incredibly multi-faceted artist capable of shifting his sound in different directions.

On "Downtown Life," an '80s backbeat drives in with slinky guitars that match perfectly with the surreal, color-shifted video. Grandma is able to reach great heights on the chorus as he belts out, "Baby we can change the weather / even if we don't get it together." The ominous undertones provide a playful quality. It's like when you know you're doing something wrong, but you do it anyway for the thrill. 

EARMILK caught up with Grandma to get his perspective on the track. He shares, "We are at our most self-destructive both in how we treat ourselves and how we treat the planet. Regardless, it is absolutely the most exciting time to be alive." This idea illustrates the "bad for the sake of being bad" atmosphere to a t, and it comes off in a very visceral way on "Downtown Life."

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