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filous goes on a dating show for his latest single "Monday" ft. Ashe [Video]

The 22-year-old Austrian songwriter/producer/wunderkind and full-fledged auteur known as filous (nicknamed Percy) returns today with a music video for his latest single "Monday," featuring LA singer-songwriter Ashe.

"Monday" comes as filous' second original release of 2019, hooking listeners immediately with its light-hearted nature. In his classic laid-back fashion, filous delivers a tune riddled with delicate guitars and a a gentle four-on-the-floor beat, perfectly complimented by Ashe's earnest lyrics and vulnerable voice. As the beat bounces, the lyrics pin something deeper, alluding to wanting to know someone beyond the weekend. Thus the chorus was born.

The music video is another totally hilarious yet relatable entity. It's set in a retro reality TV dating show, and introduces Percy to the audience as someone looking for love. The host then leads us to his back story, where the song begins to play as filous is seen watering a garden perfectly in sync and staring straight into the camera. The video then follows filous through his seemingly regular routine,  playing the guitar and flute while maintaining complete eye contact. The videography and outfits in this video will truly transport you back in time, as you fall in love with filous' dorky yet adorable nature.

"This is my favorite video we ever did for one of my songs," explains filous, "The director Tobias Pichler and I spent months together brainstorming ideas for the song as we really wanted to do something special for it. One day, Tobias sent me the treatment that ended up being the video. I absolutely loved the idea instantly. The only problem was it was four days before a video shoot we already scheduled for a completely different video idea. We ended up deciding to take the risk and go for the new concept, having to do the whole pre-production for the video in only a few days." The risk paid off. Give "Monday" a spin above.
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