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Ellen Bryant regains her light on the uplifting "Frequency / Doin' Just Fine"

Being our own hype man can be both the most rewarding but most challenging undertaking. While it's human nature to turn to others for validation, the best encouragement we can receive are our own words of affirmation. Ellen Bryant has experienced the process of balancing those very perspectives and shares her mantra of self-actualization on "Frequency / Doin' Just Fine". A jazzy soundscape of enlightenment for anyone going through a healing process, "Frequency / Doin' Just Fine" reminds listeners of the need to unpack all the extra ish, to reprogram and recalibrate. After all, when the tides wash away the sandy sediments from the rock foundation, the only person you can count on to last through the storm is yourself. 

The song's anthemic chorus, "Gratitude, Love and Joy! Written on my Palo Santo. Gratitude, Love and Joy! Written all in my frequency," attests to the power that lies within making the deliberate choice to guard and guide our energy. It's about shifting perspectives and channelling positivity from within. Ellen details how the song came to be: "The track came together quite quickly after sitting on the first verse for about 8 months. I was at a block with what to say next, but when I got in the studio the second verse flowed out in about 15 minutes. The artwork took me 30 minutes to get right, a visual metaphor for head in the clouds, whilst being very much grounded and centred - note the positioning of the wording, the upside-down T pattern meaning grounded and centred."

Produced by Lucid Beats, the magnetic pull of the song's sticky bass and electric guitar creates a sound that is, at once, ethereal and down to earth. The tune's upbeat vibes feel like waking up grateful for the sunbeams dancing across the room, instead of groaning about the day ahead. 

For the Australian-born artist, who has spent several years of her life in Toronto and abroad, "Frequency / Doin' Just Fine" is about being precise with her dealings and maintaining a solid foundation when life is anything but stable. Stability in movement is something that took Ellen years to master, and Toronto was where she honed in on the skill. Ellen details, "Toronto was for Growth and Education, In EVERY area of my life. I don't know how it happened but I feel like I was placed in the mix of the most nurturing, intelligent and creative individuals...Toronto has thriving creatives, EVERYWHERE. This inspires me to this very day, whilst being on the other side of the world. The city has a lot of spirit. I feel like it's the type of city that will greet you with the energy you give." 

The single comes at the perfect time–as Ellen also announces her return back to Toronto for her own headlining show, entitled Golden Hour on October 2nd, 2019 at Revival Bar. A safe space to come and kick it with like-minded people and take in some art, the evening will entail music, visuals, art, jewellery & skincare. Tickets are available here.

Submerge yourself in the bright hues of "Frequency / Doin' Just Fine" above and be sure to jot down Ellen's upcoming Golden Hour show in your calendar if you're based in Toronto.

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