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AR Ferdinand introduces new video series with "On My Mind"

Anyone who has ventured into the discography of AR Ferdinand knows that he has a wide range of talents exhibited by his eclectic yet consistently engrossing music. In keeping with that trait, the producer from El Salvador has now ventured into the visual medium a new video series that will feature songs from his catalogue. The first installment has arrived with the track "On My Mind," from his 2018 album I. The groovy song contains vocals from the London artist Geiste, who also features prominently in the video.

With AR Ferdinand's swirling production that is anchored by throbbing bass lines setting the foundation for Geiste's irresistibly catchy vocals, "On My Mind" offers plenty for audiences even without a visual element. In the video, however, we are introduced to a narrative of a protagonist played by AR Ferdinand being pursued by various photographers, leading to a troubling ending that begs questions about the next episode in the series. While many music videos simply give viewers something to look at while a song plays, AR Ferdinand's "On My Mind" video takes the original work and delivers a wholly new dimension, opening a door to endless opportunities for his creativity.

AR Ferdinand's album I can be streamed or downloaded here.

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