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The Slice, Episode 36 [Urban Feature]

There are some of us dedicated to rummaging the inner regions of the web in search of that good alternative urban music and serving it directly to music lovers. This initiative is what we call "The Slice" at EARMILK. Every fortnight we share with you 10 or more ear-grabbing songs from genres ranging from hip-hop, grime, soul, afrobeat/pop and dancehall. So let us do the digging for you while you sit back and relax to some brilliantly crafted music from around the globe.

If you dug what you hear, you can revisit our previous episodes of "The Slice" here.

Ricky Banks - "Mood"

Ricky Banks teams up with fellow rapper C Cane on his new single titled "Mood". A bright, summer jam that is truly a mood as it showcases the duo's celebratory mindset. Banks sets it off with a smooth chorus that encourages the listener to take more time to smell the roses rather than worrying.  The track was produced by SSK while it also gets a boost with the vibrant and colorful visuals

"Mood" comes after he dropped his EP Zero Balance, a while back. Get the audio on all DSPs here.

Tamara Bubble - "My Way"

Tamara Bubble's new single "My Way" is a fiery bouncy track that is all about her fiery personality and most importantly go-getter attitude. She doesn't bore you with the small talk but goes for gold as she enters the city like a tour de force ready to break down barriers. "My Way" is produced by Generdyn and it's set to premiere in the promo for the new HBO comedy A Black Lady Sketch Show (executive produced by Robin Thede and Issa Rae) this season.

Amira B - "Alive"

Budding Neo-soul act Amira B makes her way on The Slice with her newest effort titled "Alive". A smooth love-lorn record that sees the New York City-based R&B singer-songwriter, contemplating on how certain things may happen in life and its effect on love and emotions. The track is produced and co-written by her longtime collaborator CARRTOONS.  "Alive" is the fourth single from her next EP titled 'Do You.'

Mr. Hi-Def - "SEVER"

Henry Dubar, professionally known as Mr. Hi-Def, shares his new effort titled "SEVER". An experimental piece that blends edgy rock elements, dark soundscapes, and good old boom-bap infused styles. The record is pretty much a bar-fest from start to finish as Mr. Hi-Def goes for the jugular with line after line. Watch out for that gripping electronic guitar solo by the way. The Seattle, WA raised recording artist & cinematographer has put out a dozen mixtapes, directed 70+ music videos and has released two studio albums.

Drew Famous - "Action Movies"

"Action Movies" by budding emcee Drew Famous is all about the lyrical art behind the rhyme. Produced by Levi Hinson, Drew Famous makes use of the cinematic backdrop and envisions himself in various fictional scenarios. It sure feels like a page from a movie script. "Action Movies" is taken from his new album MIA.

Get it on Spotify

King Myles - "Complicated"

Self-proclaimed experimental hip-hop act King Myles shares his off-kilter style on this new song titled "Complicated". The beat used here is dark and somewhat sparse but that doesn't tone down the energy as King Myles delivers a handful of versatile flow patterns and a laid-back melodic hook. Quite different but effective all the way.
Get it on Spotify and Apple Music

Josh Tobias - "Catch on Fire"

Long Island (NY) raised singer-songwriter Josh Tobias brings a heartfelt touch to the list with his new single titled "Catch on Fire". A solemn record deals with the ups and downs of a relationship and the uncertainty that comes along with it. Tobias keeps it pretty organic all the way with rich harmonies and builds it with a smooth acoustic guitar that rides to a crescendo on the chorus.
Get it on Spotify

Chuuwee - 'Nimrod' EP

As Chuuwee prepares to drop his first project via a major distribution outlet, he lets off some steam with some sort of prequel Ep titled 'Nimrod'. The short EP serves as a prelude to Chuuwee's upcoming and anticipated Nephilim full length. Producers on the EP include CoopaTroop, Money Montage, Calev, Colin Brackett, Nate Mercury, Stones Neighbor and Timmy Holiday

Krept & Konan - "I Spy (Remix)" ft. Bugzy Malone, SL, Morrisson, Abra Cadabra, RV, Snap Capone

Krept & Konan bring the entire London posse out for the remix of their new single "I Spy". The crew made up of Bugsy Malone, SL, Morrisson, RV, Snap Capone and Abra Cadabra join Krept & Konan for the remix with its accompanying music video. The accompanying music video is directed by Wowa (Hardy Caprio, Ms Banks, Yxng Bane, Lady Leshurr) takes back to the grime days. No flash or flare just raw lyrics and a banging beat to match. The "I Spy Remix" is produced by BKay (Skengdo & AM, Digdat, Nines)

Get it on Spotify.

Gypsy - "Above the Moon"

Gypsy taps into the magical realm on her new song titled "Above the Moon". The uplifting track is built off a dark cinematic beat perfect for Gypsy's fiery flow and out of this world lyrics that include space travel, unchartered regions and celestial beings who help make your dreams come true. Of the track, Gypsy shared, "Life is magical, but not everyone believes in Magic" but she is here to show you otherwise. Get it on Spotify



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[…] close out this edition of The Slice with the help of singers Angelic Montero and Amira B who both drop classic R&B styled singles "Y U Wanna + You Get Me? " sees Montero interpolating […]


[…] close out this edition of The Slice with the help of singers Angelic Montero and Amira B who both drop classic R&B styled singles "Y U Wanna + You Get Me? " sees Montero […]