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Hayden Calnin yearns for a save haven in "Warm With You" [Video]

Australian songwriter Hayden Calnin is known for his expansive folktronica sound. Originally from Melbourne, Calnin is now settled in the smaller beach town of Shoreham. This yearning for a more intimate space is reflected in new single "Warm With You," a cut from his new EP 'A Life You Would Choose.' Check out the woodsy music video that accompanies the track. It will have you clamoring for greener views and a breath of fresh air. 

Musically, "Warm With You" plays out like an expansive journey to find the perfect haven to spend with the one you love. What better way to illustrate that message than by displaying a trusty canine in search of his loving owner! The scenery of forests, waterfalls, and mountains immediately set the vibe for the earthy sound and rumble of Calnin's crooning vocals. Lyrically, the mood is akin to a hazy morning after a bender and the need for a healing reset. The arrangement is sparse and inviting, the palette warm and the atmosphere rich with hope.

"'Warm With You' is a song about escapism. It’s an expression of wanting to run and get away from everything, live off of the land if you will and start a life with someone." says Hayden. "But as life goes on, things change and those dreams start to take a turn and sometimes it never really happens. I ended up recording 9 different versions of the song before I finally settled on a final version which I think is a record number for me. I've never really been that particular about a song before."
Hayden Calnin's forthcoming EP, 'A Life You Would Choose' will be available everywhere September 13th on Nettwerk.
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