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Chicago’s Pivot Gang drops their “SoHo Freestyle”

Hailing from the west side of Chicago, the hip hop collective Pivot Gang has dropped two new tracks and they are calling it the Two Piece Tour Pack. One of the songs, titled “SoHo Freestyle” shows us that we should not be sleeping on this team of artists, who always bring the heat. 

Pivot Gang has impressed us before with their choice in production, so it comes as no surprise that when they get together again, their soundscape is impeccable. “SoHo Freestyle” is built on an old-school sound paired with a new-school hip hop twist. Produced by daedaePIVOT, the track includes a mixture of drums and screwed melodies creating the perfect beat for Saba, Mfn Melo, Kota the Friend, and Frsh Waters to hop on. Saba kicks off the freestyle and sets the bar with his lyrical flow and rhymes that have been reaching new heights. On the first verse, he touches on the rise of Pivot Gang, hence the lines “N*ggas they ain't fuckin' with Pivot no more. People was sleepin' on me and the boys and now we in the green. You can see the report.”

The group also brings in Brooklyn’s very own Kota The Friend. On verse 3, the rising emcee lives up to the name flamespitter with his poetic lyricism and recognizable flow:

“Comin' out of Highland 'cause they do not wanna miss this

Wakin' from they slumber, 'cause they tryna bare witness

Droppin' in the summer, but they treat it like it's Christmas

Couldn't finish school, I'm just happy that the pen hit”

Earlier this year, Pivot Gang released their first studio album You Can’t Sit With Us. Less than four months later, they're back and applying the pressure with two new songs. Considering this track was just a freestyle, Pivot Gang is creating a solid name for themselves in the hip hop community. 

Connect with Pivot Gang: Twitter | Spotify | Instagram | Soundcloud

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