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Roman Rouge ignites flames in fiery new single 'Nobody'

El Paso's Roman Rouge has just dropped his new single "Nobody". The smoky R&B infused track tells the tale of hoping the feeling is mutual with a new love interest. Combining Rouge's sweet and soft vocals, with the energy and impassioned instrumentation, the release evokes a heartfelt and amorous mood, reminiscent of The Weeknd

"Nobody", which was produced by Beacon Hill (Khalid), succeeds in representing that familiar feeling we all face in the modern dating world. But who cares about being "ghosted" when you can put this track on repeat, forget your woes and lose yourself in the fiery, velvety vocals of this young Texan singer. 
The new song follows Rouge's debut EP Voicemails, which previously received notability within the local El Paso music scene. "Nobody" is sure to follow suit, as Roman Rouge continues his glowing career with his moody and mysterious music.  
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